Digital HR

The explosion of digital technology and the way that people, businesses and organizations are more interconnected than ever is transforming the HR sector. Digital transformation is helping the relationship between employee and employer become much more of a two-way dialogue, rather than a static, one-way conversation that can leave employees disconnected and disenfranchised.
Digital transformation allows for better emphasis on wellbeing, as opposed to just a benchmark of performance.
It also means that learning and training opportunities are moving away from a traditional classroom approach to flexible, on-demand scenarios.
– Understand what Digital HR is
– Understand the challenges faced by HR
– Understand how to implement Digital HR Practices.
Course Outline:
1. What is Digital HR
2. Five Forces of Change in HR Industry
3. Four Potential Future Scenarios
4. How Digital HR is a Game Changer?
– HR Requirement for Digital Change
– 10 Key Game changers.
5. Digital HR Technologies
6. Foundation of Digital Leadership
– New HR Business Model
– New Customer Experience
– Efficiency in Internal Operations
– New Capabilities
7. Challenges in Digital HR
– Executive Board and Leadership Behavior
– Organization Development Design and Risk
– Learning and Development
– Culture and impact of HR Policies
Date and Venue:
Date: 3rd and 4th (2 Days) Venue: Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi
Price: PRK 15,000
Certification: Certified Digital HR