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Today’s world has changed tremendously in terms of technological development and business requirement. This has impacted the nature of work where employers expect new recruits to be able to perform the assign duties immediately upon joining the organisation with minimal training intervention. Obtaining such workers is a necessity for businesses to compete in the global arena.


The objectives of the programme are to equip, develop and assist unemployed graduates:

with high end skills and competencies that are required by the industries that will enhance their employability;

with relevant working experience that can enhance their employability;

in exploring new route path for their careers;

in job placement;


The programme is opened to all graduates whom have successfully acquired their Diplomas, Degrees or equivalent.


Courses that are offered under the programme must be high end skills and application-based as required by the industries. Focus areas of programme offered are in line with the needs of skills manpower required by industries.


The entire training programme consists of Three components:

A) Pre-Training Assessment

B) Maximum of Fifteen (15) days classroom training

C) Job placements upon completion of training

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