Market Place for Trainers

Market Place for Trainers

Global Training Guide is a marketplace for creating ease to trainers, training organizations and clients with the focus on meeting global training needs. Global Training Guide allows clients to search for trainers, training organizations, courses and events that best suit their needs.

Global Training Guide has been incorporated to meet the global challenges faced by trainers, training organization and clients.

For Trainers

Training is a competitive industry with trainers and training organizations are marketing their own services with limited market share. On an average trainers and training companies spend up to 50% of their budget on sales, and marketing, promoting their brands. With the cut of 10% of the cost on marketing trainers will improve profit by 30%. In addition, this will allow trainers to focus on preparing for training. Simultaneously working with Global Training Guide trainers and training organizations can reduce on infrastructure thus further improving the profitability on trainings by another 30%. With Global Training Guide we forefront the idea that trainers and training organizations can improve their profitability by minimizing the time spend on marketing and focus on delivery of the programme.

For Corporates

One of the Global issues faced by HR in Training and development is ROI to their investment on Trainings.

Given years of experience we have come to realize that the actual cost of training is at least 2 times the cost of the training. Therefore, it is imperative for us to assure that we give the utmost attention that right training is suggested to clients. Organizations many at times forget the hidden cost involved in training employees. Global Training Guide stands with clients at any given time to assist them to choose the right training for their employee needs.

It all begins with getting the right trainer which can deliver the training that best suit their needs, however many a times HR are limited by number of trainers they can approach or review. Global Training Guide offers unlimited access to trainers and training organization, allow HR to see trainer Profile, view past training video clips evaluate and compare course.

Global Training Guide goes one step further and assist clients by providing Pre-Training Assessments, Post Training Assessments and provide HR with reports and recommendations for current and future training. Large number of companies don’t engage their employees on regular assessments which at times are very costly for their clients. Global Training Guide has made it affordable for clients to offer the assessments to their entire organizations, with feedback and reports provided to employers.

For Trainees

Global Training Guide offer Trainees with a unique option to test their knowledge and design courses that suites their skill development needs.Global Training Guide annually (Ones or twice a year) will introduce courses that will be fully funded by Global Training Guide focusing on Unemployed and retrenched graduates. Global Training Guide will also launch programmes that will skill, upskill, and reskill Trainees based on market demands. Those eligible for the course will need to provide evidence of eligibility outlined by Global Training Guide dedicated page for the course.

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